This is a guide as prices vary depending on size, cut, coat and condition of your dog.

Please note an extra charge may be added if your dog is matted

Full groom includes Bath, Style/Cut, Nails & a Spritz of Perfume.

Airdale Terrier from £45.00

Bearded Collie from £40.00

Bernease Mountain from £50.00

Bichon Frise from £34.00

Border Collie from £30.00

Border Terrier from £35.00

Cairn from £35.00

Cavalier from £30.00

Chihuahua from £25.00

Cocker Spaniel from £35.00

Cross Breeds price on request

Cockerpoo from £35.00

Dachshund from £25.00

German Shephard from £40.00

Golden Retriever from £35.00

Irish Terrier from £40.00

Labradoodle from £50.00

Labrador from £25.00

Lhasa -apso from £34.00

Maltease from £30.00

Norfolk Terrier from £35.00

Norwich Terrier from £35.00

Pug from £15.00

Poodle Mini from £35.00

Poodle Standard from £45.00

Poodle Toy from £32.00

Rough Collie from £40.00

Schnauzer (Mini) from £32.00

Samoyed from £45.00

Setters from £40.00

Shih-Tzu from £34.00

Springer Spaniel from £38.00

Westie from £35.00

Yorkie from £28.00


Nails: £2.00 per paw

Flea Shampoo: £3.00

Puppy package (from £15.00) ideal for puppies from 3 - 6 months, to get them used to the parlour environment , pamper your puppy with this puppy package by bringing them in for a bath and brush followed by nail, foot and facial trim.

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